Monday April 21st 2014

Reykjavík Walking Tour Diary - Monday April 21st 2014 #iceland #DearDiary

Dear Diary. I’ve been a bad bad girl. Actually I’ve been more busy than bad which resulted in total Walking Tour Diary neglect. I’m so so sorry.

This Easter weekend was the busiest weekend since I launched the tours but I did 5 tours in 4 days. Oh and before you ask about the weather (“doesn’t she always talk about the weather?”) I can tell you that it was mostly terrible. What was not terrible…

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Thursday April 17th 2014

#Reykjavík Walking Tour Diary - Thursday April 17th 2014 #iceland #IHeartWalkingTour

Since there was no tour today I’m going to share with you the newest Tripadvisor review that popped up yesterday. This might be a good moment to tell you that I’m not at all (*ahem*) obsessed with checking out Tripadvisor – every day, many times a day. Really!

Anyway.  This comment means especially much to me, not that I don’t appreciate all reviews because I definitely do, because the reviewer…

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